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About Dennis

"Being Competitive, Disciplined and Driven is what it takes to build championship teams."

It is no different when starting a business. A two time All Big Ten and All American Center at the University of Michigan, MVP Special Teams award winner for the Philadelphia Eagles and Captain for the Detroit Lions, Dennis has taken the winning attitude, disciplines and team strategies of playing big time College and Professional football directly into business and becoming a successful Entrepreneur.

Dennis specializes in Entrepreneurial minded people and their success through developing there skills to excel in a personal business. His business direction of choice is Distribution, since people will always need to purchase goods and services to live. The business model of choice is an Unfranchise Business, similar to a franchise built upon proven systems, and internet technology to increase the percentages of business success but eliminating the high costs and limitations of the franchise model.

Based on the philosophy that people love to buy and hate to be sold, matching people to products and products to people becomes a key element in the success of this business distribution model. To maximize the financial return of the distribution effort, we cater to the very best customers who are loving the MA Branded products and services and enjoying the experience.

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