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Multi-billion Dollar Markets

  1. Health & Nutrition
  2. Anti-Aging
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Personal care
  5. Weight Management
  6. Home & Garden
  7. Pet Care
  8. Internet
  9. Auto Care
  10. Financial Services

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Product Brokerage

Going into business for yourself with a plan that is rooted in product brokerage is an excellent way to provide the best products to your customers and always remain head of trends.

One of the most advantageous aspects of Market America's Unfranchise business model is that the company doesn't manufacture any one product or specialize in a single service, which allows Market America to swing with the marketplace and capitalize on current consumer demands.

Unlike many niche companies that live or die by the success of one product, Market America is able to offer a variety of products and brands across numerous multibillion-dollar markets. From health and nutrition to cosmetics, weight management to home and garden, Market America will always provide the most popular products.

This flexibility ensures stability, profitability and most importantly, longevity.

The product brokerage concept carries far beyond exclusive Market America brands. Through SHOP.COM, the company can offer millions of additional products and services from well-known stores like Target, Nike, Apple and more...

The cost is the same as it would be shopping directly from the store's site, but Market America is able to pay Cashback, whereas individual sites do not.

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