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Internet Technology

Our goal is to build share of customer by servicing a small client base of 10-15 customers. Using cutting edge technology, we can afford to develop and to go after the best customers by matching product to people and providing a superior shopping experience.

Through SHOP.COM, customers are able to find cutting-edge, exclusive brands from Market America alongside some of the most recognizable retailers like Target, BestBuy, Nike, Gap, Bloomingdale's and many more. Thousands of popular Partner Stores offering millions of products are just one click away.

What is good for your customers, is good for your business:

SHOP.COM offers:
  • Cashback program: Pays people to shop!
  • Unlimited comparison shopping: imageFind the best price
  • Hot deals & coupons: Save even more with our specials
  • Shop Travel: Powered by Travelocity Incredible Travel & Vacation Deals
  • MyList: Saves favorite products offers auto-reordering
  • Patented eGifts: Electronic gift selector for any special occasion
  • eRegistry: create everything from a Bridal Registry to a Birthday or Anniversary Registry
  • Price Alert: set the price you are looking for and allow to search the stores for 90 days for that price.
  • Exclusive MA brands: Over 2,500 products & services customer reviews product demos
  • Hundreds of partner stores: Top retailers like Target, Nike, Apple and more
  • OneCart™ checkout: Quick & easy
  • Easy Navigation: Popular categories to find products fast
  • Social media tools: Interactive blogs, Shopbox for Facebook
  • Custom nutrition services: Discover your own formula

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